Refund Policy

Dealing with refunds is a sensitive topic for all people involved in our business. This includes our customers and our merchant, who processes the credit cards.

We strive for our relationship to be at the highest caliber with our merchant as high fraud rates, or refunds ends up costing us more, which in the end drives up prices for everyone. The costs associated are not just monetary costs, but merchant fees, time for the refunds, and takes away resources from building future products.

Before we move forward, we want to give you a fair warning, that it is your responsibility to understand and know your billing renewal or expiration date by keeping track of your membership.

Fair warning: if you forget to close your account before the next billing cycle, there are no refunds!

To find your billing or renewal date, you can visit your account page. If you struggle to locate your account page, then please contact us, and we can direct you where to find it, or let you know your exact billing date. You can also visit our help docs to get an inside look into finding your renewal date.


When a person signs up for a membership, they immediately benefit from the knowledge of our content since the membership portal becomes open. It is, for this reason we do not give refunds on membership plans unless directly specified.

This means that there are no partial refunds, no refunds for new promotional events, and no refunds for coupon codes.


Certain memberships have continuous or recurring billing. This means that your subscription is on auto renewal and it will automatically charge your credit card based on the renewal term.

If you forget your billing cycle or that you will be billed automatically every month, quarter, year, or any other timeframe there are no full or partial refunds.


People regularly come and go when it comes to business activities, trading, or life. Some times we want to run a marathon and other times we need to take a break. We understand that at times you may want to take a break from our service and for this reason, you can remove yourself and stop the service at any time.

To remove yourself from the website and stop the billing from happening for the next billing cycle, you can cancel your payment and recurring billing in the membership section of your user account prior to the next billing date.

The cancellation has to happen a minimum of 72 hours prior to your next billing date, which helps ensure that the billing will not go through.

We put the responsibility in your hands to cancel before your next billing cycle. You are now an adult, and should be able to know when your next payment will come and you should be able to manage your own subscription with the push of a button.

It is your responsibility to know when your account is getting close to the next payment cycle.


If you wish for us to cancel your account rather than doing it yourself, we can cancel your account and your auto-renewal as long as you notify us five (5) days prior to your renewal date.

If you do not make the request five (5) days before your renewal date, it’s possible that you may be billed the next months recurring fees and therefore no refund will be given.


Notification for cancellation must be done through our contact form and include your full name, email address, and phone number.

If we do not have enough contact information to reference your account, we may not be able to look up your account and cancel it on your behalf. For this reason, we do not recommend cancellation by phone since certain names and email addresses are difficult to spell.


Lifetime membership plans are subscription plans that were turned into a one-time single payment and did not have a recurring payment. Due to the nature of a lifetime plan, there are no refunds for lifetime plans, including partial refunds unless specified below.

Yearly membership plans are subscription plans that renew yearly. They have an annual payment cycle, and therefore you will be billed every single year until you close the account or stop the payments.

If you are unsure about purchasing a yearly or lifetime membership plan, you should first purchase a trial plan, monthly plan, or another plan where the upfront capital requirement is less to try out and test the membership to see if it fits your needs.


Lifetime plans are guaranteed service for the membership for at least twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase.

Annual or yearly plans have guaranteed service time for the membership plan for at least twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.

If the membership ends early due to us closing the membership, stopping the membership, or anything that hinders you from getting your guaranteed service time because of our interference, you will then be eligible for a partial pro-rated refund.

Beyond this reason, there will be no refunds. This means there are no refunds for trial plans or monthly plans.


Please note that pro-rated refunds are for annual or lifetime plans only apply if our membership or service is closed or stopped. It does not apply if you change your mind or are unhappy with the service. It does not apply to monthly memberships since the term length is short.

Pro-rated refunds will not be given if you are two (2) months or less from the end of your guaranteed term. For lifetime memberships this is month twenty-two (22), and for annual memberships, this is month ten (10). If you are at this point in your membership, no refund will be given as by this period we believe you received the extent of the benefits from the plan.


For a pro-rated refund, the total paid will be broken down into monthly payments across your guaranteed term.

Once your monthly payment is calculated, we will calculate the total months unused from the guaranteed term and refund you the remaining amount so long as it is more than two (2) months worth.

Example #1: If your plan was $595 for lifetime access your monthly payment across twenty-four (24) months (which is your guaranteed term) would be $595/24 = $24.79.

If you are on month 13 you still have eleven (11) months remaining until the twenty-four (24) month guarantee term. We then would take the eleven (11) remaining months and multiply it by $ 24.79 giving you a refund of $272.69.

Example #2: You paid $295 for lifetime access. We first need to calculate the monthly payment across twenty-four (24) months. To do this, take $295 and divide by twenty-four (24). The monthly payment in our calculation would be $12.29.

If you are six (6) months into your lifetime plan, then you would be refunded eighteen (18) months This would be calculated by taking $12.29 and multiplying it by eighteen (18) bringing your refund amount to $221.22.

Example #3: You paid $195 for yearly access. We first need to calculate the monthly payment across twelve (12) months (this is the guaranteed term for a yearly plan). To do this, take $195 and divide by twelve (12). The monthly payment in our calculation would be $16.25.

If you are seven (7) months into your yearly plan, then you would be refunded five (5) months. This would be calculated by taking $16.25 and multiplying it by five (5) bringing your refund amount to $81.25.

Example #4: You are on month twenty-three (23) of your lifetime plan, and the membership plan closes. You will not get a refund since you are less than two (2) months from the twenty-four (24) month guaranteed period.

Example #5: You are on month eleven (11) of your annual plan, and the membership plan closes. You will not get a refund since you are less than two (2) months from the twelve (12) month guaranteed period.


We want you to be completely satisfied with our courses, and for this reason, all courses purchased can be refunded within 30 days.

Please note this applies to courses that are purchased directly from our website and not a third-party location.

Refunds after the 30 day period may not be approved as by now more than reasonable time has elapsed and you have digested the information.

Individuals who purchase and refund multiple courses over an extended period may be suspended or terminated for abuse of the refund policy at which point no refund will be given.


Our classes typically have multiple sessions. We want you to be happy with your classes and the material.

For this reason, classes are eligible for a refund before the start of the second session. This typically means you can watch and attend the first class to see what it is all about and request a refund before the start of the second class and still be eligible for a refund.

Once the second session (or second class) starts, you are not eligible for a refund, and therefore no refunds will be processed.

If you want a refund for a class, you must do it prior to the start of the second class or second session.


One-on-one coaching or private coaching has a strict no-refund policy.

Since one-on-one private sessions have time limitations because there are a limited amount of hours, once you make your purchase, you are securing a time-slot for the future.

This means that we have to limit the number of individuals we can take in at any given time, and if you pay for a session, you reduce the number of students or individuals that we can take in.

This means that periodically we may close registration or purchases for one-on-one sessions if the demand is too high and for this reason there are no refunds on coaching session, mentoring sessions, or any session where there is a one-on-one private session involved.

The good news is that these sessions never expire and you can claim them at any time so long as that there is an open time slot.


At certain times we may introduce promotions, discounts, or coupons. Coupons or promotions can only be applied for the specific item mentioned or transactions.

Coupons cannot be combined unless specified. Coupons are subject to the advertised offer, and other limitations such as a limited quantity may apply.

Coupons cannot be put on hold, nor may you get a rain-check or delay your purchase with a coupon. A coupon must be applied before the expiration date of the coupon or else the promotion, discount, or coupon will be forfeited.

Items cannot be refunded and repurchased with coupons if you have already purchased the item. Once you refund an item, it is an acknowledgment that you are not interested or not happy with the item and therefore may not repurchase them with a coupon code.

Please note that we do not distribute paper coupons. Therefore no paper coupons will be accepted. Coupons have no cash value.

We have the right to refuse coupons from any individual for whatever reason without explanation. Some of these reasons may include previous abuse of the terms of service and policy or a possible suspicious transaction.

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