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Frequently Asked Questions?


How often do you post to the swing chart videos?

We strive to post a video every Monday. At times, if this does not happen it may rollover to Tuesday. If there is a Holiday, break, or closed market we may make it up by posting on Thursday, Friday, or the weekend. Our goal is to post a video once a week.


If I am not in the USA – will the charts still help me?

Since many stocks are traded internationally, you can use the content to help you regardless of which country you are in. Even if you are new to trading and the stock market trades different companies, you can use the swing charts to practice your technical analysis and get a better understanding to evaluating swing trading opportunities.



Will this be helpful if I am new to trading?

The swing charts can be used in multiple ways. You can learn more about the current market conditions, practice technical analysis, or get another perspective. Everyone uses the content a little bit differently.


Do you offer any discounts on your membership plans?

Periodically, we may do promotions from time to time. The best way to get notified is to get on our newsletter list. Click here to learn more about discounts or promotions.