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Swing Charts (Videos)

Video recaps on the recent market trends

With the swing chart videos, we summarize recent market movements, look at hot swing charts, evaluate potential setups, and see swing trading ideas for the upcoming week. Typically released each Monday.

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Technical Analysis Charts

Stock market picture charts annotated

Learn how to read stock charts better by seeing our technical analysis annotated on current charts. Use these charts to practice or get new ideas on breakouts and breakdowns.

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Small Cap Stock Reviews

Video reviews on smaller & low-dollar priced stocks

Typically these videos are focused more on speculative stocks or stocks that are cheap. If you like to trade lower-dollar stocks or penny stocks and want insight on these stocks you can learn more about this plan below.

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Options: Ideas & Strategies

Get potential ideas & setups to various option trades each week

If you are an option trader and watch to get possible option trade setups then this plan is for you. In this members area we focus on setting up an option trade, creating a basic plan around it, and possible adjustments.

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Group Coaching

Live Webinars & Q+A for Traders

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