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Learn the How to Properly Trade Options for
Monthly Income!

With our options basics coaching program, you get multiple individual sessions where we work together with you in a private video setting. By having one-on-one attention, you learn quickly, ask questions instantly, and the content is tweaked for your personal needs and risk tolerance.

What's Included with the Mentoring Program?

Here is a list of things that is included with your coaching and mentoring bundle...

On top of the big training meet-up sessions, we will have extensive follow-up sessions and communication. Usually double the amount of big sessions. This means if we have 15 big training sessions planned, you will have about 30 follow-up sessions for a total of 45 sessions!

These training sessions are typically 45+ minutes long that are one-on-one private sessions where we work with you and train you on a specific topic and a video recording of each session.

During our training sessions we will take time to create a few sample trades as examples and follow-up with them at how they progress.

As needed, to supplement your education, you may be provided special access to clips and videos directly from our premium courses to ensure you understand a certain topic.

Instant phone to phone communication like text-messaging by using Discord App to live chat as needed.

Download and look back at your private session so that you can walk through step-by-step on the topics we covered a seconds time.

We can set up the ability to move your mouse with your permission to point out things on the trade screen or walk you through different trade examples.

Homework and practice will be assigned in-between our strategy sessions as we move forward through the mentoring process.

All of the strategies and concepts will be based on your personal risk tolerance and tweaked to match your personality, goals, and personal lifestyle.

Back and forth email communication by video on a high-priority basis!

Overview of Big Training Sessions:
Mentoring for Trading Options for Monthly Income

Here are the typical sessions that we have scheduled at a base level. If you are more experienced or need more help in a certain area, then we can spend more time on the key topics that are important to you and less time on those that you feel comfortable with

meet-up #1
Option Trading Basics
meet-up #2
The Business of Trading Options
meet-up #3
Buying & Selling Vertical Spreads
meet-up #4
Creating an Iron Condor Trade
meet-up #5
The ThinkorSwim Brokerage Platform, Setting Up Trades, and Duration
meet-up #6
Planning & Managing Iron Condors Trades
meet-up #7
Understanding the Option Greeks & Managing Risk by the Greeks
meet-up #8
Trade Selection, Execution, & Getting Into a Trade
meet-up #9
Building a Portfolio of Trades
meet-up #10
Managing & Adjusting Iron Condors
meet-up #11
Setting Up a Calendar Trade
meet-up #12
Managing a Calendar & Setting Up a Double Calendar
meet-up #13
Diagonal Basics for Long-Portfolio Trading
meet-up #14
Double Diagonal Strategy Setup
meet-up #15
Managing Diagonals
meet-up #16
Protecting Yourself from Black-Swan Events
meet-up #17
Final Tips & Final Q+A
how it works

The Process for Coaching & Mentoring Program

Step 1: registration

The first step in the process is to go and complete your payment and registration details. This way we know how to best get in touch with you.

Step 2: On-boarding

Once you complete the registration and payment, we will send you an on-boarding email which will give you all the information you need to get started. This includes common frequently asked questions about the process, how things work, where to meet-up, and more!

Step 3: Schedule sessions & Start

Within a few days after you’ve completed the registration process and payment details we will schedule all of your sessions. Note: these session dates can easily be moved, adjusted, or rescheduled at any time.

Once our we reach our first sessions date and time, we start our private one-on-one meet-ups.

Start the Mentoring Program

After you pay for your package, we will setup custom times for your sessions. We can always reschedule the sessions if they don't end up working out for your time-zone or your schedule.

single payment

Pay for your full coaching bundle upfront and get it at the best deal. A single one-time payment.


three (3)Payments

Break down your payments into three (3) installments. After three payments, your payments will stop.

Five (5) payments

Break down your payments into five (5) installments. After the fifth payment, your payments will stop.

small Group Mentoring

With group sessions, we work with 3 to 4 people at a time. This helps reduce individual costs, but still gives you an intimate learning experience.

You put a deposit down to hold your spot and then wait until we get a total of 3 to 4 people. This may take multiple months to a year to start the program.

Read more about group sessions in the Q+A section.

Interested in coaching or mentoring where you pay-per-session instead of a full package?

See our packages for single-session choices

Or you can give us a call at : 1-888-359-6454 and leave a message with any questions
We typically get back to phone messages in 48-72 hours.

Watch a Real Coaching Session

Note that all coaching sessions are private, but this session was published with permission

Do you have any questions about our Iron Condor Coaching & Mentoring Package?

Please reach out and we will help you if you still aren't sure...

Frequently Asked Questions?


Why should I get the mentoring program versus paying for single individual sessions?

The mentoring program is specifically focused to take you from start to finish in giving you a great foundation to trading options.

Our goal is to get you to trade options with confidence whether you are a long-term investor or you want to trade options for monthly income.

By doing the options mentoring program, we can focus on giving you a great foundation to trading options from start to finish along with follow-up micro-sessions to check in with how you are doing.

If you do single coaching sessions, they are typically more focused on specific topics and don’t always flow from one session to the next unless we plan that out in advance for people who purchase a multiple session pack.


How are these sessions different from the basic options courses you have available?

Although our courses are very detailed, they are more focused on people who like to self-study.

If you wish to take the some of our basic options courses, you may get more examples, more content, and detail, but it will take longer to complete. You also won’t get an opportunity to ask questions immediately.

Working with a coach or mentor is the fastest way to learn, but it is the most expensive. However, you have the highest chance of success as you have scheduled dates and times for meet-ups, you become accountable, it is specific to your risk tolerance, and much more!


If I am still confused after we complete all the sessions, can I purchase more sessions?

We strive to ensure things are detailed during our sessions, however we understand that some people may require an extra session or two to understand concepts.

If we need an extra session to make sure you understand the concepts, we can add an extra session or two and give you additional homework and things to study.


What is the advantage to getting the mentoring program?

The mentoring program is cheaper on a per-session basis than the standard one-on-one coaching sessions. However, in total it is more expensive.

The program that we have is planned out specifically to focus on a specific subject matter (in our case the foundation to making money with options). This means it is more detailed and organized saving you time on your education.

Not to mention, each session is specific to your goals and risk tolerance, so we constantly adjust the sessions to suit your needs!


Are there refunds for the mentoring program?

No, we have a very strict refund policy when it comes to our coaching or mentoring sessions. There are no refunds for sessions, but we do try to work with you as we understand this is a long and personal commitment.

If you do request a refund it has to be before the 4th session. By doing this, we charge you the standard single per-session coaching rate and refund you the rest.

For example, if you want a refund, but you had two sessions, you would pay the standard single individual pay-per-session price and the rest would be refunded.


How long is each session and is it private?

Every session is private and typically lasts between 45 to 90 minutes.

The recordings are stored securely on our server and only shared with you.

Recordings may be used for us to review your past sessions. They are never shared publicly unless direct permission is given from you.

We also include micro-sessions between the larger training sessions.


What is a micro-session and how does it help me during the mentoring program?

Micro-sessions are smaller meetings that last about 20 minutes. They are not necessarily like the big training sessions, but more of a follow-up with you. These micro sessions focus on answering your questions, giving you helpful guidance on what you are doing, or walk you through any concepts you need help with.

They are there to make sure you are staying on track and doing the actionable steps with your trades. If you are struggling with setting up a trade, doing the homework, understanding concepts, or something else – then these micro-sessions allow us to catch any major problems early and get you back on track.

Need a bit of help or have some questions? Here are a few options

want some helpful advice?

Pay Per Minute Coaching

I am scheduling helpful coaching sessions for people who are interested in real-world advice & guidance where you only pay per session. No long term commitment required.

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