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Swing Charts (Videos)

Watch a quick video each week evaluating the markets

Our swing chart videos are market recaps that look at the current stock market breakouts, breakdowns, and the movement of potential stocks in an interesting pattern formation.

Specifically designed for people focused on swing trading or holding for a little bit of a longer time frame.

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Swing Charts

Technical Analysis Charts (Pictures)

Get potential ideas, setups, and strategies to various option trades each week

If you are an option trader and watch to get possible option trade setups then this plan is for you. In this members area we focus on setting up an option trade, creating a basic plan around it, and possible adjustments.

Please note: we do not follow every single trade from start to finish as some trades could be long-term trades of 3+ months or more.

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Option Trading

Small Cap Stocks (Coming Soon)

Penny Stocks